Hazardous waste management

Industries produce hazardous waste which due to one of its characteristics (defined in the Environment code), presents a risk for people and the environment. Hazardous industrial waste comes in many different types: solid and liquid, packaged or in bulk (skips, tanks). They must all be handled by specialised channels. SUEZ assists its industrial clients in respecting their obligations to ensure compliance with national and international regulations in terms of hazardous waste management. We ensure that people, property and the environment are fully safe at all phases of the process.

Secure the management of hazardous waste

SUEZ provides a guarantee of regulatory compliance for dangerous waste and ensures that people, property and the environment are kept safe at all times.
SUEZ supports industrial companies in managing their responsibilities in terms of safety and regulatory compliance:
Environmental performance

Reinforce environmental performance

Industrial companies are faced with dual issues: optimise costs while reducing the impact of their activity on the environment. SUEZ provides support to preserve and optimise resources, while lowering your environmental footprint but also showcase your brand through strong involvement in the circular economy.
SUEZ is committed to a sustainable development approach and assists its clients in seeking economic performance through waste recovery and recycling:

Recover hazardous waste more effectively

SUEZ contributes to preserving natural resources by supplying industrial companies with materials and energy generated from the recovery of hazardous waste. By processing hazardous waste, we produce secondary raw materials and energy in order to maximise the efficiency of resources and reduce your environmental footprint.
SUEZ proposes two complementary types of recovery to offer a second life to hazardous waste: